CPPS Maker

CPPS Maker V.2
register username:___________
register password:_______________
CPPS Name: _______________
Bot name:________________
Bot mood:_________________________
Capcha: _______________________


34 thoughts on “CPPS Maker

  1. keanuc1

    register username:Keanu72
    register password:cucumber123
    CPPS Name:Keanu72s Hangout With Friends CPPS
    Bot name:botKeanu72
    Bot mood:
    Thanks, keanuc1 [Im Keanu72 from SC]

  2. Alexis

    register username: ilovecats register password: ilovecats CPPs name: ilovedacatsCPPS.com bot name:Cats Bot Mood: ilovedacatscpps! Capcha: Ice Cream Fudge

  3. Alexis

    Register Username: ilovecats Register Password:ilovecats CPPS Name:CatsCPPS Bot Name: Cats Bot Mood CatsCPPS! Capcha: ice cream Fudge

  4. iJason

    CPPS Maker

    CPPS Maker V.2
    register username:iJason
    register password:123456789
    CPPS Name: CPPS V.5
    Bot name:~Mystrey~
    Bot mood:H:D

  5. sK1PPY1

    CPPS Maker
    CPPS Maker V.2
    register username: sK1PPY1
    register password: peanutbutterrocks
    PPS Name: CPPS Cool
    Bot name: Mr. Mustache
    Bot mood: 🙂

  6. ozypsme

    register username:Ozy mumbles
    register password:ucme2004
    CPPS Name:Ozyps.me
    Bot name:Ozyps.me
    Bot mood:Hi this is Ozyps.me global cpps Enjoy
    Capcha: 1212121212

  7. Mycpps Bot

    CPPS Maker

    CPPS Maker V.2

    Register username: iw0dd1e

    Register password: 1234567890

    CPPS name: mycpps

    Bot name: idoit

    Bot mood: Welcome



  8. Joed E. Rodriguez

    register username:Cute7546
    register password:lolo123
    CPPS Name:Club Puffle-Adopt a puffle or be a puffle!
    Bot name:Pinktaken
    Bot mood:Hi! I’m Pinktaken,Cute7546’s sister! I wish you could i me in Disney’s Club Penguin, but I’m banned! Enjoy your stay!
    Capcha: Hello CPPS!

  9. Pompeii

    CPPS Maker V.2.
    User: Pompeii
    Pass: sbg123
    CPPS name: CrossFireCPPS
    Botman Name: CrossFire
    Botman Mood: Welcome to CrossFire!
    Capcha: BoL3a09298

  10. blueangel1cp

    register username: Blue Angel1
    register password: sophia07
    CPPS Name: Blue Angel1cp’s Cpps
    Bot name: Blue Angel1cp
    Bot mood: Hello! Welcome to Blue Angel1cp’s Cpps
    Capcha: 123456789

  11. jdfr03

    CPPS Maker V.2
    register username: jdfr03
    register password: cookieman12
    CPPS Name: Ultimate Penguin
    Bot name: Ultimate Bot
    Bot mood: Hello, there. Welcome to Ultimate Penguin! Have fun!
    Capcha: 2Ultimate

    Send me the HTML: newleaffan@myself.com

  12. haaeziq

    CPPS Maker V.2
    register username: haaeziq
    register password: h1h2h3h4h5
    CPPS Name: CPPSland
    BOT name:CPPSland(bot)
    BOT mood.rare beware of BOTS!!!
    Capcha: 123554

  13. AngelCP

    CPPS Maker V.2
    register username: AngelCP
    register password: hotpink
    CPPS Name: MyFriends.co
    Bot Name: Friends
    Bot Mood: Hi, Welcome to MyfFriends.co a nice place to hang and make friends.
    Capcha: Kitty&AngelBFF


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